1. 200 Shows/Fall Line Fest!

    A few weeks ago we played with the Front Bottoms at the Camel.  The show was a ton of fun and we had a great time playing as always.  Today I went to update the shows section of the this tumblr and noticed that it had been OUR 200TH SHOW!  Wowza.  Didn’t see that one coming.  Thanks so much to everyone who has helped make it possible for our goofy ass band to play 200 shows.  That’s nuts.  

    Lets party at Fall Line Fest.  There are about a billion bands playing with so many different genres of music represented, everything from Diamond Youth to Big Freedia.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, and it’s being organized by some really great people so come out and support this thing and see great live music.  Here’s more info:



  2. Anonymous said: HEY. What is the meaning behing the song Toad Worthy from your Blizzard of '96 album? "Hands tied capsized it's hard sometimes but I know it could be worse" I want to get tattooed on me, I just want to know where it came from.

    Whoa, that’s crazy.  If you get that tattooed send us a pic and we’ll figure out something special to send you.  

    I wrote that song during a time when I was feeling super angsty (aka all the time).  It’s mostly about how a lot of times I feel cut off or alienated from my friends or the world in general, and it’s probably my own insecurities or anxieties that’s causing it rather than something outside of me.  The line you specifically mentioned is about how even when you recognize that you’re the source of your own issues that doesn’t automatically mean you can solve them, and it’s important to keep things in perspective.  I wish I did that more.  

    Thanks for being interested!


  3. Anonymous said: Any shows coming up?



  4. Anonymous said: Can you please post lyrics to 'Bigtro' and 'Dazed & Sexually Confused' from B-Sides?

    Honestly I don’t have em written down anywhere so you’re guess is as good as mine.  


  5. Anonymous said: Is there any way too get any shirts from you guys in big boy sizes (XXL)

    We haven’t made any new shirts in a while but next time we do we’ll ask what sizes people want first.  


  6. Anonymous said: Yo, are Get Better ever going to release that Boundaries 7"?

    That is a really good question.  Let us know if you ever find out ;)


  7. signalstonoise said: Where can i get one of those Call the Zoo 7"s?! I will give you cash money to ship that beast to England!

    We’ll have those and some other leftover Fest merch in our big cartel pretty soon.

  8. xthingswesayx:

    Call The Zoo 7s are now #core

    They are here, they are now


  9. Teen Death

    Hi, Eric and James have another band they play in sometimes and try to rip off the Riverdales and the Misfits. They just put a new EP called “This Time You’ve Gone Too Far” on bandcamp for free download.  Check it out and share it if you like movie clips. 




  10. Anonymous said: How to I get the Blizzard shirt in XL? I give a mean handjob, just saying..

    We’re getting some more of those shirts made right now and there will definitely be some XLs. After Fest we’ll update our big cartel with whatever is leftover and I’m sure there will still be plenty of everything.  Cool?  K, cool.


  11. Anonymous said: For those of us who aren't vinylly inclined, how might we obtain the three song EP? I would be happy to give you money for it.

    Well as of right now the only way you can get it is if you buy the vinyl.  But eventually we’ll probably be able to toss it up on our bandcamp. 


  12. Anonymous said: Miss? If you were yogurt, would you be fruit at the bottom or stirred?

    I’d be soy apple cinnamon fruit on the bottom.  Yummy. 


  13. adequateantics said: If you already bought the vinyl, can you still get the 3-song ep?

    Yup! We tried to email the ep to everyone who already bought the vinyl but some people seem to have slipped by for some reason.  We’ll message you a link to it.  I’m assuming there is some kind of messaging thing on tumblr…


  14. Blizzard Of 96 is now FREE/exclusive EP with vinyl! COOL.

    HI! Our newest full length “Blizzard of 96” is finally available for pay what you want (FREE) download on our bandcamp!  

    ALSO if you purchase the vinyl from the wonderful Animal Style Records you’ll also get an exclusive 3 song ep of unreleased tracks! Wowza.  

    Download it for free here


    Or buy the vinyl with exclusive EP here




  15. Bummer.

    So obviously the Northeast tour was a bust, sorry to anyone who was trying to see us.  The Closetalker van pooped out and there was no way we could make the shows.  The good news is some neat things are in the works that hopefully we can announce in the next few days.  Nothing too major, don’t pee your pants, but still neat stuff.