1. Anonymous said: When can I expect Eric Kelly from Hold Tight! tee shirts to be available?

    How about this: we start a Kickstarter, you donate $20 in exchange for a sticker, then you can buy the t-shirt once they are made.

    We are businessmen.


  2. Anonymous said: Ask Eric if he's ever heard of the metal band Slayer. Tell me what he says.

    I texted him and he responded, “Yes. We are all doomed”.


  3. Anonymous said: I heard the girl guitarist in your band listens to Hawthorne Heights. Is that true? If so, that's hot

    Yeah, she does.


  4. Anonymous said: What shampoo does James Goodson use?

    I asked James, he said he “doesn’t use shampoo that often” and when he does, “it’s some homemade shit”.  I don’t know.


  5. Anonymous said: suck me?



  6. wolfpartyjoe said: i definitely was just caught moshing in place to hold tight! at work. what should i do guys? should i send out an apology memo? buy lunch? what?

    Yo, you need to be employed by a company that understands when you feel the mosh, there’s nothing you can do.  If your boss has a problem with this, send him/her to me and I’ll take care of it.


  7. signalstonoise said: Do you have any plans to do a physical release of the non-album stuff you have on bandcamp (Call the Zoo, etc.)? Also, when are you fine chaps coming to the UK?!

    Yeah, we hope to get all that stuff pressed to vinyl at some point.  I know Call The Zoo is in some sorta works for that, we’ve also talked about putting it all on a “collection” sort of thing.  But, we’ve mostly been focusing on our new LP (which we just got the masters for, sup).  

    As far as the UK, I think that’s our next goal touring-wise.  We’ll see after our full US this summer!


  8. Anonymous said: Big Dicks or Small Weenies?

    Everyone is beautiful.

    And by that I mean, all of the above.


  9. amplific said: So whats the real dirt on kicking Harris Smelldell out?!? Wheres the beef!

    We didn’t kick him out!  He left to pursue psychedelic glam-rock outfit “Sundials” and we are still friends!*



  10. dragonite822 said: ALEX WILHELM IS SMELLY

    Go to bed, George.


  11. dragonite822 said: does alex ever bring free pizzas to practice cause if not thats horse shit

    Nah, I’m not really into sharing.


  12. welcometothenewsouth said: best Hold Tight! record?

    Probably those techno remixes that James did while we were in the studio.


  13. sri-mardar said: best Jawbreaker record?

    24 Hour Revenge Therapy, but I have to admit that I’ve only recently been getting super into this band, so my opinion might change.


  14. welcometothenewsouth said: what's the best Lifetime record?

    I can only speak for myself, but Jersey’s Best was the first one I heard and will always mean the most to me.  But, they haven’t written a bad song, seriously.


  15. Anonymous said: if you could be nate domurat, would you, and why?

    Nah, b.